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Business Execution

Unlike many other consulting companies, we not only focus on designing strategies, but also on how to successfully implement them. After all, actual practice is the sole criterion for judging truth. When coming to China for the first time, there are thousands of things to take care of and it is impossible/unwise to finish them up all at once. Therefore, knowing and setting priorities, coming up with a lean and feasible timetable are crucial. Based on TTG’s previous experience, we identified the following items which we think should be done earlier rather than later, yet are sometimes difficult, complicated and subtle to do. Therefore, they are our main service areas:


  • There are several ways of entering into China. We help our clients setting up WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise), Joint Venture, or Franchisee, whichever is most suitable to our clients’ business model and meets their time/risk constraints the best.


  • For sensitive and large-scale complicated cases, we help our clients lobby at different levels of Canadian/Chinese government to obtain necessary permits and approvals.


  • We provide legal consultation throughout the process, including but no limited to, trademark issues, patent registration, joint venture negotiation, WFOE set-up, international capital transfer, tax, and import/export.


  • With different accounting standards and business practices in Canada and China, the downside risk of a deal falling apart is significant. TTG is able to leverage its large network to help clients doing due diligence work on field, presenting first-hand information and pictures.


  • Brand image and marketing are important as ever now. Our specialty is in creative branding and the trendiest E-marketing. Also, our deep industry relations put us in the best position of engaging in public relations and crisis management.


  • Capital is the source of all flourishing. Backed by several venture capital/private equity firms and a team of financial professionals, we are able to provide cross-border and local market financing solutions tailored to your unique situation.