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Business Introduction

The first step of being successful in China is to find the RIGHT people in China to talk to (by “right people”, we mean the relevant decision makers):


  • Government authorities who are responsible for issuing you the necessary permits to conduct your business in China;


  • Reputable industry experts who may have critical insights on the viability of your business model in China and can act an important source of due diligence information;


  • Senior management of similar companies who have already shaped the landscape of your industry but whom you may have to directly compete with in the future;


  • Suppliers who control most of the inputs you need for your final products and can be your potential partner in the future;


  • Consumer groups who are willing to express their opinions on the design of your products and provide feedback after a trial use;


  • Talented local human resources who will lay a solid foundation of your local team;


  • Interested investors, partners, and franchisees who are interested in sharing potential rewards and risks with you.


However, most companies feel lost regarding where to start, and find it extremely difficult to establish a solid relationship with all the parties mentioned above in a relatively short period of time. The task seems more daunting when mixed with cultural barrier, language problems, unclear government policies, distinctive consumer behaviors in different geographical locations, scattered distribution of talented human resources, etc.


Supported by our strong “Guan Xi (relationship)” spanning across a variety of industries in China, TTG is therefore proud to offer this special Business Introduction Services to our clients who are interested in entering into Chinese market but somehow couldn’t find the right people in China to make the proper liaison in order to facilitate the market-entry process. We guarantee our clients that once the potential target is identified, we will introduce the two parties to each other and afterwards arrange a meeting to further their talks in person; or in the case of unclear targets, TTG will recommend several appropriate decision makers for the client to choose from.