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About Us

TTG Solution is a management consulting & business execution company based in Montreal, Canada, specializing in international businesses between Canada and China.


We are a boutique firm, but we are proud of distinguishing ourselves from those large strategic consulting companies by delivering the following core values in our practice:


  • We focus on strategic planning, and equally important, on execution. We would rather bear the risk of executing our proposed strategies than delivering empty talks to clients.


  • For each client, we provide tailor-made solutions. It is our deep belief that although many of our clients may share a common goal, the unique situation of each makes “one size (framework) fits all” solutions stupid;


  • Our solutions are comprehensive; we are able to operate at every node of our clients’ supply chain;


  • Our extensive business experiences spanning a variety of industries are supported by “Guan Xi (relationship)“. We put them into good use for our clients;


  • We try to minimize our clients’ risk when working with us. We charge our fees based on milestones achieved, which are pre-determined and pre-set with clients before we start working. Plus, for the cases we decide to take, we guarantee that we will deliver tangible and satisfactory results in the end;


  • Being extremely active in Canada-China business circles and standing on the front line working with different companies all the time give us the benefit of always knowing and delivering each industry’s current best practices to our clients;


  • We see our clients as long-term partnerships, and we see all of them as a community. We always look forward to contributing to the community’s prosperity. We will create case studies based on our experiences, analyze important news and their potential implications on businesses, and publish business opportunities in China/Canada, all free of charge to our subscribers.